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The Cross and The Resurrection
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tis the season of Easter with kids’ egg hunts galore and chocolate rabbits to be devoured.  But beyond this spring consumerism, there is a call to observe and remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ: the stone that has been rolled away, exposing the empty tomb where Jesus once had been laid (Matt. 28:6). 

But what if the last part of the gospel’s account did not come to pass?  What if the resurrection did not happen?  Would the work of Christ still be just as effective in the Christian’s life?  No, as a matter of fact, Paul says if the resurrection had not come to pass “We [as Christians] would be most pitiable” (1 Cor. 15:12-19). 

The resurrection is not just an important reflection seasonally, but all the time in the Christian’s life—just like remembering Jesus’ cross on our behalf.  Remembering the resurrection reminds me of what Paul proclaims, “…[That I may] know Him and the power of the resurrection…” (Phil. 3:10).  I believe what Paul is talking about is that the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside the regenerate Christian that they are enabled with the power to say “No” to sin.

The resurrection is not important only for sin’s defeat in the Christian life but in The Cross of Christ Stott further explains,

“The gospel includes both the death and resurrection of Jesus, since nothing would have been accomplished by his death if he had not been raised from it. Yet the gospel emphasizes the cross, since it was there that the victory was accomplished. The resurrection did not achieve our deliverance from death and sin but has brought us an assurance of both. It is because of the resurrection that ‘our faith and hope are in God’ (c.f. 1 Peter 1:3, 21)” (234).

The resurrection means we serve a living Savior, and it also means that we don’t have to fall prey to sin and its desire to have us.   Because of the cross, the penalty of sin is permanently paid, and by the power of the resurrection that comes from God’s grace there can be victory and hope in the Christian’s life. 

May we think about that before we grab another chocolate Easter bunny. 

Jon Schultz
FBJC Student Ministries Director