Vision Statement

First Baptist Church is determined by the grace of God to ground our ministry and encourage believers to base their lives on the authority of the Word of God, to focus on meaningful relationships, to pray without ceasing, to pursue unity, and to be blessed by growth.

Mission Statement

First Baptist Church is a dynamic, culturally relevant ministry committed to the authority of the Word of God, whose purpose is to impact the world through preaching, teaching, discipleship, evangelism, and meaningful relationships.

FBJC Core Values

FBJC is committed to the following values that shape our lives and ministry:

AUTHORITY. We are committed to the inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of the Word of God.

INTEGRITY. We are committed to do the right thing regardless of influence or consequence.

EXCELLENCE. We are committed to pursue excellence in all that we do, both personally and corporately.

RELATIONSHIPS. We are committed to professional and personal relationships that demonstrate love, unity, and Christ-likeness.

PRAYER. We are committed to corporate and personal prayer.

UNITY. We are committed to non-negotiable biblical truth, unity in essentials, and freedom in non-essentials.

GROWTH. We are committed to corporate growth and personal spiritual growth fostered by our Mission Statement.


PREACHING. To preach simply means “to herald” or to proclaim the truth of God’s Word. At FBJC we are committed to preach the Word of God using a variety of forms and approaches. This will be achieved through our Sunday Worship Service and special events (2 Timothy 4:1-5).

TEACHING. Teaching is the systematic training and instruction in biblical truth. At FBJC we are committed to teaching the Word of God to every generation from children to senior adults. This will be achieved through structured classrooms, small groups, and a variety of teaching methods (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

EVANGELISM. The purpose of evangelism is to equip and motivate believers to share their faith and provide them with opportunities to introduce their unsaved friends to Christ. At FBJC we are committed to reach others with the Gospel. This will be achieved through personal evangelism, small groups, and corporate evangelism events (emphasis on personal evangelism) (Matthew 28:18-20Mark 16:15Acts 1:8Philemon 1:6).

DISCIPLESHIP. Discipleship can be defined as a “shared life.” At FBJC we are committed to linking believers in meaningful relationships that encourage spiritual growth, accountability, and instruction in righteousness. This will be achieved through one-on-one relationships and small groups (Matthew 28:18-202 Timothy 2:2).

MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS. The purpose of meaningful relationships is to offer friendship, hope, and help that is distinctly biblical when individuals become members of FBC. We are committed to using the Word of God to develop true and meaningful relationships and lasting change built on the model of 1 Thessalonians 5:14. This will be achieved through ABF, Life Groups, and Benevolence. As a church we are committed to the individual mandate of Romans 12:9-18.